Eric Chisler

James Coordinating Curator, Media Matters & Story Telling

Eric Chisler is a cultural inquisitor and sociopolitical critic immersed in a philosophical journey to the heart of human nature. He is currently wandering the North American landscape in search of opportunities to engage in community, and share his gifts of systems-thinking, writing and narrative-construction in service of cultural evolution and to learn what he might from the connections he makes.

After dropping out of high school, disillusioned early with the systems he was surrounded by, he spent several years surviving through jobs in the service industry. In 2008 he left his work in a dorm cafeteria to pursue his dreams of returning to school. Diving directly into state-level student advocacy and education politics in California, he quickly began to understand the political and economic systems of authoritarian capitalism and once again left a promising future in the educational system to pursue a radically different life. With a close friend, he set out to practice living entirely by trust through gift relationships as he travelled the US in pursuit of a more authentic path. He has since spent time living on an organic farm, in a van on the streets of Chico, CA and in a burgeoning sustainable community in southern Washington.

Dedicated to understanding the crises we face as a species and exploring the spiritual, cultural and institutional insights which can bring about a more beautiful world, Eric is emerging into the next phase in his life’s passion of abolishing the belief systems that keep us separated from ourselves, each other and the rest of life while seeking deeper grounding in community and the natural world he has always desired intimate connection with.

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