Nuno Da Silva

James Coordinating Curator, Courses & Un/Learning Expeditions

In the process of opening myself to be an organ of perception of the world in its process of be-comming, and trust in the process of life and its ongoing entanglements, its getting harder to define the borders of myself in a conventional way.

While experimenting without a job description, I’m a father of twins with my life companion Joana, dealing with the ongoing tensions of living in a world in transition, complex and unpredictable, full of incoherences and paradoxes, a promiscuous world where caos and order, beauty and ugliness are not considered as opposites but different aspects that unfold from a whole.

I’m curious and drived by the search for meaning and playfulness in my intra-action with the world, aspiring to be a midwife for the emergence of seeds of change that can help us reconnect with ourselves, with each other and with our ecosystems, nourishing community relations and renegenerative practices at all levels.

Currently, my playgounds are: decolonizing myself from ingrained ideas and patternsof thinking, facilitating social ecosystems of change, reimagining education, reconfiguring ethical finances initiatives, stimulating collaborative, sharing and gift economies, renewing communities, questioning how to develop a state of “not knowing”, a state of questing or intentional silence that enables us to learn?

Besides the curatorship in the emergence network, i’m coordinating RECIFE – A Collaborative Network of Initiatives for an Eco-systemic Future in the south of Portugal; I’m founding member of ECOS – a local Education, Development and Cooperation cooperative; I’m founding member of FESCOOP – the first ethical finances cooperative in Portugal, I’m member of the trainers pool and international group of the Portuguese Hub of the Transition Network, I’m hosting the Southeast Portuguese branch of the Network of Living Education (Rede Educação Viva), I’m member of the Cultural Evolution Society, I’m member of the Pool of Trainers of the Portuguese Platform of Development NGOs and the Pool of Trainers of the Council of Europe Youth and Sports Directorate.

Between these multiple spaces of co-creation, i juggle permanently with financial sustainability of my family and the time that is too short to share between my immediate and extensive family and all the things i dream to do.

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