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Where is it safe to grieve? Are there spaces for celebration and joy left in our increasingly flat world? We co-enact spaces that allow different emancipatory expressions and explorations of generative political imaginaries that allow for peace.

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Coordinating Curators:

Gaby Franco

Gaby Franco

I consider myself as a mid-wife of new possibilities.

I am Mexican. Originally trained as an economist and later on reformed as a holistic scientist in Schumacher College. I have also been explored deeply Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Permaculture and Regenerative Design.
Gaby Franco

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    Sergio Beltrán Arruti

    Sergio Beltrán Arruti

    Sergio Beltrán Arruti –better known as Yeyo– was born and raised in México City. He moved to Oaxaca in 1997 to support and learn from indigenous communities... Read More
    Sergio Beltrán Arruti

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      Inspired by the ancient juridical practice of ‘claiming sanctuary’ or seeking asylum, Sanktuaree is a week-long multi-activity pedestrian festival that brings together various practitioners, neighbourhoods, organizations and groups to host sites that disrupt monumental power. Taking place in cities, Sanktuaree reintroduces the idea of the carnival (the grotesque, the monstrous) as a way of resisting patriarchal power, opening up other ways of being, elevating the invisible, dwelling in intersections, and reclaiming the commons.

      Gaby Franco
      Yeyo Beltran

      dancing with water

      Dancing with Water is an earth-wide vigil for the planet, held by a small circle of female-identified elders. This project is planned for 2018.