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Our invitation to you – citizen of modern moments – is an invitation to the edges of what you know. To the places of awkward silence. The ‘real work’ is here: the work of challenging norms, opening up new fields of responsivity, and nurturing other ‘natures’ that work for the many and not just a few is always a matter of the collective. A thick ‘we’ that involves not just many humans but nonhuman agencies as well.

As such, we need you.


We need your art in this curatorial project of edges. We need your foibles, your failures, your no-good-fluffy imaginations, and your experiments with the real. Join us in co-creating an ethos of the otherwise. Help undercut the paradigms that occlude the vitality of what you do. Find your edges, tell us about it, and let’s see where that take us.

We are in this together!

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