Courses & Un/Learning Expeditions

What happens when we sit with the unknown? How can we come to un/learn traditional patterns of thinking about the world and our place ‘in’ it?

Coordinating Curators:

Nuno da Silva
Toni Spencer

Libations at the Edges

Libations at the edges will be a 6 months Unlearning Journey to the Borderlands of New Activisms, offered by The Emergence Network in association with Schumacher College UK

We offer this course in these desperate times, as a hush, a prayer, a ritual in wait. We invite you to join others in explorations of the changing conditions of the possible. With deep inquiries, dialogues, playing games, collective explorations facilitated by edge practitioners, stories and a menu of practices and rituals of care, we seek to help make visible what is invisible, to excavate our blind spots, and amplify other spaces of power from where we can act in response to the world. It is about meeting others, taking risks, allowing ourselves to grieve, making time to celebrate, pausing at the impulse of a leaf, cultivating generative practices that can help you ask new questions, playing and dancing with each other, hugging each other with less hesitation, and embarking on a trail of enlivenment.

This course invites us to gather in safe places and wild places, meeting what’s at the heart and the edge of our potential, individually and collectively.
Finding just enough structure – through Action Research and other robust educational frames
Meeting just enough chaos – through creative labs, beyond-the-field trips and emergent un-learning experiences.

This is for:
Change agents, educators, researchers, innovators, activists, artists, community leaders, ritualists, parents, witches and ordinary human beings wanting to unravel, entangle and learn in good company and for this to support then acting as the world, for the world.


The name ‘koru’ is Maori for ‘loop’, evoking the spiral shape a young unfurling silver fern frond assumes as it opens up into new life. We are excited to host a platform of consultation with our curators whereby interested communities, organizations and groups can partner with us in creating immersive learning expeditions and research modalities for their purposes. Koru is a consultative framework that brings us to work with you if you are seeking new directions, new questions and alternative ways of being efficacious in enacting justice with the world.

Bayo Akomolafe
Nuno da Silva
Nuno da Silva

Heart-deco Mojo

A Massive Open Journey Online into the Heart of Decolonizing

In 2018, we envision a Massive Open Journey Online (MOJO) with individuals and organizations from around the world, to take a deep collective dive into the process of decolonization which – in our view – is concerned with coming to terms with the ways civilization, development, progress, success, and other aspects of globalized culture have displaced other possibilities of selfhood, identity, and power. The Heart-Deco MOJO is about exploring and accounting for the ‘marks on our bodies’, the effects of power structures on our ways of relating with the world, and the influence of modes of knowing on local wellbeing and indigeneity. The central concern in a process concerned with ‘decolonizing our minds’ is not so much about seeking out origins or recalling pure instants of lost traditions, as it is about asking the questions: “What are we missing? What are we excluding from mattering? Are there other spaces of deeper participation and power that we can pay attention to?” This project is not only important for the global South but just as critical for conversations in the global North that are sympathetic to the disenchantment induced by modernity and the ongoing quest for ‘other natures’.