Favelas as Other Places of Power

In Mestres das Kebradas, TEN Fellow Giselle Paulino shows us how the favela is a site of ‘queer’ power, learning and community. Take a look at some of the ongoing projects that are reclaiming the favela as an alternative to the disenchantment generated by city life.

Abaixo estão algumas colagens que falam sobre o reimaginar e o emergir os lugares de poder, cura e criação nesse mundo. Um exercício do meu ciclo de encontro ancestral e de crescimento humano e espiritual com os meus ancestrais. 

– Suélen Brito

Below are some collages that speak about reimagining and emerging places of power, healing, and creation in this world. An exercise from my cycle of ancestral encounters in the field of human and spiritual growth accompanied by my ancestors.

– Suélen Brito

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