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Stories matter!

We curate different stories that are lost or excluded from the picture, and bring them to light.

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Airs live on Voice America’s Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio, every 2nd and 3rd Thursday of the month, 5pmEST/2pmPST.

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These days find us standing at the edge of a cliff ecologically, socially, economically, and existentially. It is a precarious place to be; the risk of falling is real. But perhaps standing at the edge might also call forth something new: How clear must our seeing be, and how precise our attention, when standing on such ground? How do we carry ourselves, how do we move, and how do we speak? These times ask such questions of us. Precipice aspires to stand at that edge–the edge of what we know, the edge of what we understand, the edge of what’s familiar–to see what conversations emerge from there. We will invite guests willing to explore that terrain with us. They may be expert in certain things, but none of us are expert in navigating this time. So we will be wondering out loud, together.

Annie Levin
Precipice is a bi-weekly radio show that seeks to do the following:

1) make visible the ways of seeing and speaking that perpetuate the patterns we so earnestly hope to shift.

2) bear witness to complex troubles without trying to tame, fix, or look away.

3) ask questions that will defy our attempts to answer them.

4) engage in conversations which are alive, meaning we embark without knowing our destination



Envisioned as a quarterly journal, Occluded is a meeting place for expressing what might be revealed as we question our returns to the same ruts of seeing which fuel the frightening momentum of the social, economic, racial, and ecological crises we now find ourselves wholly subsumed by. These might be encountered through essays and articles, through visual and performance arts, or through accounts and stories which challenge conventional modes of perception and reveal counterposing, alternative, alienated, or generative perspectives.
Every issue of Occluded holds the intentional sensitivity of re-sponding to our responses, and in doing so may invite into our midst awaiting alliances of the unseen “other”.

Eric Chisler
Occluded is a quarterly journal which serves to subvert, disrupt, and bewilder our well-scripted responses to the encompassing crises of today. By witnessing and exposing contrary perspectives, subtle and subversive activisms, counterposing narratives, suppressed histories, and radical arts, Occluded seeks to challenge the unseen assumptions that undergird and perpetuate the troubles of our times. With the power of visual and performance arts, academic articles, personal and communal stories, poetry and prose, Occluded offers space to the countervailing possibilities found in revealing voices otherwise unseen or unauthorized.