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Our curator Nuno Da Silva is now the editor of the Mushroom and is composting the current format to give life to an underground guerilla style series of events designed to create spaces in which we can share and engage in challenging conversations. The Mushroom 2020 will combine a podcast series with the quarterly digital newsletter including multimedia presentations, essays, and stories that speak to TEN’s central motif: postactivism.

As our habitual ways of thinking and acting fall apart and our maps no longer describe the terrain on which we stand and walk, it’s the tricksters, rebels, the outcasts, the renegades, those who dare to meet the wild beyond our fences and SEE differently, who will offer insights into emergent possibilities to be human. We pay homage to the many manifestations of Esu in the world – the god of mischief, “the god of chances and change”. In Yoruba religion, Esu is believed to be a trickster, a smart and cunning god who appreciates a good joke and who loves to cause good-natured chaos.

Mushroom will serve engage with people who are doing practices, rituals that disturb the idea that climate change is a problem, people who find magic in the ordinary – a dispatch from the miraculous! Both the newsletter and the podcast will serve to amplify voices from the network and its allies and friends and aim to be a source code for the network’s diversity. 

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