Revolutionary Wellbeing
In these times of converging crisis, the world needs us now more than ever before. Revolutionary Wellness is devoted to engaging us with an inquiry into a new and ancient view of wellness with the intention of inviting curiosity about the paths we might take toward personal, communal, and global health and wellness by expanding our perspectives, opening our hearts, deepening our attention, and cultivating skills and practices that aspire to help us become the change we wish to see in the world, co-creating the more beautiful world we all know in our hearts is possible. 

Evolve/One World Dialogues |
OWiD seeks to develop a living global network of change-makers and activists committed to deep dialogue in order to create new approaches and collaborations that support change. Dialogue holds a unique, emergent potential to take us beyond the boundaries of ourselves and what we think we know. Because of this, dialogue connects human beings in fresh and deep relationship. Diversity is held in unity, and a new unity arises from diversity.

Shikshantar, a Jeevan Andolan (life movement) was founded to challenge the culture of schooling and institutions of thought-control. Today factory schooling and literacy programs are suppressing many diverse forms of human learning and expression, as well as much needed organic processes towards just and harmonious social regeneration. Schooling is the crisis.

Swaraj University is an exciting, radical reimagination of higher education – a series of grounded un/learning practices and communal resuscitation projects taking place in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. It was designed and birthed in 2010 as a two year learning programme for youth. The vision of this program is to nurture the heart’s calling of young people with an understanding of how their actions/choices are interconnected and impacting all our communities and nature. The two year program initiates the process of being self-designed learners, and engages youth in developing the skills and practices they need to manifest their vision.

Sachamama Center for Biocultural Regeneration, Peru
Sachamama is a non-profit organization in the Peruvian High Amazon with a field station in the town of Lamas, Department of San Martin, Peru and a directorate in Cambridge, Massachusetts, dedicated to the biocultural regeneration of the region in collaboration with the indigenous Kichwa-Lamistas, the descendants of pre-Columbian inhabitants, as well as with the local Education Board of the province of Lamas (Sp. acronym UGEL). SCBR was founded in 2009 by the anthropologist Frédérique Apffel-Marglin. SCBR shares a worldview in which the human, the non-human, as well as the community of spirits, are all kin to each other, treating nature as a Thou rather than an it. By ‘biocultural regeneration’ we mean to honor this integration of all life as well as the cyclicity of its rhythms. It is also meant to obviate the backward/advanced implications of more linear formulations.

Center for Babaylan Studies
The Center for Babaylan Studies (CfBS) focuses on Filipino Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices (IKSP) with specific focus on Babaylan discourse and Sikolohiyang Pilipino (Filipino psychology). The mission of CFBS is to connect with resources and to facilitate the relevance, cultivation and promotion of Filipino indigenous wisdom in an age of globalization

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