An Expedition into the Borderlands of Activism

The curators of ‘the emergence network’ are excited to host a Web Gathering called ‘An Expedition into the Borderlands of Activism’ (October 12-16). We have summoned an electrifying (and unusual!) quanta of adventurers from around the world – veteran activists, shamans, artistes, hacktivists, farmers, academics, healers, poets, remote viewers, journalists, game designers, and more – to take this journey with us, and weave a quilt of surprising insights about the multiple crises of our time. This process is how we hope to spark off ‘the emergence network’, and introduce a little irony and turbulence to the discourse on change today. We do not expect to arrive at ‘solutions’ or ‘universal manifestoes’; we however hope that the diffractive possibilities and queer differences we notice will bring us closer to ‘meeting the universe halfway, and framing a generative post-activism of inquiry in a cosmos that is never the same the second time you look. Stay with us for feedback about this expedition!