Supporting the Emergence Network

In the spirit of ‘gift’ and entanglement, we ask our community members to support us as they see fit. Given our role as edge walkers, our work dwells at an intentional distance from the usual parameters of salaries and remunerations, corporations, governments or bureaucratic philanthropies; we are constructing a different way to devote ourselves to radical transformative social experiments, a way of framing ‘work’ itself as interdependence in the collective, and as an abiding trust that we will be taken care of.

Here’s where we ought to say that your donation would get you a gift plaque or an elaborate ‘thank you’ note. What we will rather say is that we want to eat, and live, and take care of our families. We want to run these projects, serve our localities, help communities find liberating ways of addressing their problems, keep our platforms afloat and keep doing what we are doing until we sense there is a need for it to die and go the way of all earthly things. There is a sense in which we are all in this together – in which we are mutually infected by what we make happen for others.

We therefore rely on the support of our community. Your contribution goes to small stipends for the curators and the hard costs of convening events, producing content and other key functions of The Emergence Network. We ask you to do more than make a one-time donation, and enter into our family – committing to supporting us on an ongoing basis. Work with us and make us your team at the frontiers of hope.

We are deeply grateful to you for deepening our entanglement.

A way to support

We’re developing some creative ways for you to work with us and adopt a curatorial project/curator you are interested in supporting.

Please contact us to find out more.