Who We Are

The Emergence Network is an earth-wide collective of curators and a network of performances, projects, provocations, explorations, conversations and radical inquiries into the frameworks that govern our orthodox modes of responding to crises. We are a modest earth project inspired by ‘new’ concepts that focus on the agency and vitality of the nonhuman – as well as the understanding that we need to make quantum leaps in how we think about ourselves and an entangled world in order to co-enact transformative activisms.

From Faro to New York, from Mexico City to Chennai, we are creators at the edges of things. We are embarking on unlearning journeys, producing online magazines that tell occluded stories, hosting radio shows that give voice to those the mainstream has denied amplitude, facilitating carnivals that disturb the centrality of human becomings, running courses that bring us to the collective intelligence of the earth, midwifing earth-wide mycelial networks of shared inquiry, and bringing disparate groups together into alliances of deeper power.

Our organizational commonwealth of edge-walkers seeks to serve as a gathering of curators who crave different ways of responding to the multidimensional, complex, and challenging problems that face us all today. We work to allow an enriching network that gives us freedom to devote energy to our passions for change, and to be nurtured and supported while we answer the calls on our persons.

We are enacting a ‘politics of possibility’ or a ‘politics of surprise’ within a different ethos of responsivity. We are weaving ‘unholy alliances of concerns’, trusting that in doing so other places of power become available to us.

“Brothers, sisters! The times are urgent; let us slow down!” East African saying
“There are no solutions; there is only the ongoing practice of being open and alive to each meeting, each intra-action, so that we might use our ability to respond, our responsibility, to help awaken, to breathe life into ever new possibilities for living justly.” Karen Barad
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A Politics of Possibilities

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