Our ways of working, moving forward, making decisions are failing us. 
Consultancy is dead. Welcome to Vulture 2.0

Back in 2019 we hosted Vulture: Courting The Otherwise in a Time of Breakdown. It was a 3 month learning journey and collaborative research into building kinship and being with the troubles.

Since then we’ve been dreaming about how we might bring these research inquiries, these practices, and orientations of responding to your door. We’re interested in ‘engaged practice’, coming alongside you in your life and work in organisations, communities and projects and delving into the cracks together.

Vulture 2.0 is what happens when an Organisational Consultancy, an Artist Residency and a Community Grief Tending find themselves meeting at an unfamiliar crossroads. Sheltered on the edge of the road, amidst Shepherd’s Purse, Couch Grass and empty plantain chip packets – they find a mossy place to sit together. Out of pockets come a large used envelope to draw on, a bottle of toddy and some charcoal. A conversation begins…

In this work, we are not seeking right answers, shared agreement or solutions. We are becoming intimate with and more awake to our entanglements with the parts of these times that we and others often avoid.  What if there are other voices longing to be known? What if falling apart together could become the cultural practice of your organisation that feels reliable enough to bring to the boardroom every Tuesday? What if both fasting and feasting were the best ways to speak about economics in the end times? What if there were new ways of being together within your community that are longing to be noticed and could use some outside companionship to become visible?

There will be a fuller invitation coming out later in the year but we wanted to plant the seed of curiosity and perhaps illicit some invitations from you! 

Toni (lead curator), Bayo and Geci are spending some of this underground time putting more flesh on the bones (!) of this project, but we are interested to hear from you even now if you have a group, project, organisation, community (of place or practice) that longs for some postactivist ‘un/consultancy’. We’d love to talk to you and explore what a tailor-made Vulture project might look like, feel like, smell like in response to your themes and dreams.

If you have an interest or idea send us something about it here

Also – live and in person! 

Vulture is hosting a creative Lab in Devon, England 5-9 September 2021, hosted in partnership with as part of the Borrowed Time series. We’d love to see some of you there! 

Full details and booking links are here.

Do also check out the Borrowed Time Symposium on Death Dying and Change from October 31-November 2, 2021 where Bayo and Toni will both be offering something alongside a wealth of art, conversation and ritual.

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