Coming Down to Earth

Certain new potentials are emerging in our global culture that are troubling to some of our long cherished ideas that humans are the primary forces of agency in the world; that problems like climate change, racism and economic inequality are isolated and separate from each other; and that we can ‘fix’ these problems or make them go away if only we find the right answers to the riddles they pose.

Instead, a renewed interest in indigenous cosmologies and ‘new materialisms’* teaches us that we are beings among other beings, and that the nonhuman world is capable of effecting changes. We are learning that the world is not merely weirder than we think, but weirder than we can think – and, as such, we require a quantum leap in the ways we think about causality, nature, time, the unknown, change, culture and social justice.

This time of rethinking everything calls for a slowing down* or a set of emergent practices and concepts that brings us to the edges of the imaginable. This is a time for tricksters!

We are therefore not quite sure what our organization is or wants to be! But to the extent that we share a common motivating vision, The Emergence Network is an earth-wide, soil-deep commonwealth of curators that are committed to the art of queering traditional activisms and contemporary patterns of responding to crisis, and opening up new spaces of power in partnership with the nonhuman planet.

We are working with communities, practitioners and local groups of varied orientation to tell new stories, to co-create ‘new’ rituals and new activisms, to explore the ways we are related to the problems we want to solve, to open up many streams of power, and to co-enact a politics of surprise.

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Our curator collective holds the space for multiple explorations, inquiries and edgy activisms. See our projects. And tell us how you’d like to be part of weaving a new ethos of responding to crises. We are all in this together.