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“The Anthropocene is no time to set things straight.” Stacy Alaimo

Coming Down to Earth

Certain new potentials are emerging in ‘culture’, which are troubling to some of our long cherished ideas. Some of those ideas are that humans are the primary forces of agency in the world; that problems like climate change, racism and economic inequality are isolated and separate from each other; and that we can ‘fix’ these problems or make them go away if only we find the right answers to the riddles they pose.

Instead, we are learning otherwise. Instigated by renewed interest in indigenous cosmologies and post-human materialisms, we now see that we are beings among other beings, and that the nonhuman world is alive in a sense lost when we suppose the environment is merely a resource for our progress. In light of these troubling shifts, we can no longer think about the world in the same way: we require a quantum leap in the ways we think about causality, nature, time, the unknown, change, culture and social justice.

Since we are no longer the centre of the universe, we must learn to live in the middle. In the web of life. Our vocation must now be that of learning how to live in the midst of the fade; learning how to honour the light of twilight; learning how to befriend our passing; learning how to grieve and fall apart; learning that failure is generative; learning that just because one is lost doesn’t mean one is on the wrong path; learning that the sacred is immanent; learning that to love is not to reach out to another but to recognize we are the other; and, learning that if we always had our way, there’d be no point to the journey.

“At The Emergence Network, we ask, if we took seriously the idea that we are entangled with the world, that we are not the masters of the realm, how would that change the ways we respond to our most pernicious crises? The Emergence Network is an earth-wide, soil-deep commonwealth of curators that is committed to the art of queering traditional activisms and contemporary patterns of responding to crisis, and opening up new spaces of power in partnership with the nonhuman planet.

We are working with communities, practitioners and local groups of varied orientation to tell new stories, to co-create ‘new’ rituals and new activisms, to explore the ways we are related to the problems we want to solve, to open up many streams of power, and to co-enact a politics of surprise.”

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RECIFE and The Emergence Network, in collaboration with ARISE Education, host a course called ‘A Delicate Activism’.

The RECIFE and The Emergence Network, in collaboration with ARISE Education, are pleased and thrilled to invite you to come and join us in the course “A Delicate Activism – An Invitation Towards a Practice that is Alive”, that we are hosting in the south of Portugal, from the 6th to the 10th of February 2018. For more information, visit https://recifealgarve.wordpress.com/formacoes/#30


Join Coordinating Curator Annie Levin, Host of ‘Precipice’. Tune in each week to stand with Annie at the edges of what we know, exploring terrains of our troubled times. See link for episode archives: annielevin.com/precipice

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