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How to get Involved

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How to Get Involved

[fugitive assemblage]

Pathways and portals to entangle with ten.

from the fugitive assemblage

An Infection

How you are already involved.

from the fugitive assemblage

Rhythmic Call

A periodic invitation for experimental, postactivist projects and inquiries.

from the fugitive assemblage

Seasonal Festivals

Cyclical translocal gatherings.

ten is tilling the soil of the valley, building nests out of tattered bits and pieces discarded by modernity. We are cultivating a commonwealth of bewilderment for those around the world who feel despair about the future, hopeless about conventional activism’s ability to change it, and lost about what else there is to do.

We are calling together an experimental, underground network of postactivist practitioners interested in exploring other ways of knowing, being, sensing, relating and responding to the crises of our time.

The provocative ideas and worldviews offered by ten over the past many years have inspired people to think and behave differently when it comes to modernity, activism, de-centering the human, and our entanglement with other agencies & places of power. Our aspiration at this time is to animate these ideas through local and translocal experiments and to deepen our understanding (and misunderstanding) of postactivism through ongoing praxis and un/learning. This trembling web is animated through online connections, a vibrant and diverse underground community of practice, translocal experiments, semi-autonomous project pods, and gatherings, courses & carnivals.

For sometime now, the humans involved at The Emergence Network have longed to understand how to create ports or portals or wormholes through which others might enter to join us, to contribute and learn from our explorations, reflections, ponderings and practices. Today, we are beginning to sense three pathways leading into the valley of ten:

Each of these entry points is still in a phase of incubation and care at the moment. But when the moment is right – after a period of further listening, of call and response, of qarrtsiluni – we will open these ports to those who can hear the fugitive call.